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"Stars" are virtual values of a specialized social network "Tiflo-Space" developed by the author and the head of this project. "Stars" are not a game currency or something similar, they are intended solely for the possibility of activating advanced social network functions, such as renting an "invisible hat", raising the game rating, changing the nickname, and so on. They cannot be sold or exchanged for any real material values, and in themselves they do not represent any material value. All funds received from the sale of "Stars" are invested in the development of a new cross-platform application designed to replace the project "Tiflo-Space" in the future.

Website «Tiflo-Space»

Constellation «of Lira» 1 star Benefits 0%
Constellation «of Scorpio» 6 stars Benefits 5%
Constellation «of Eagle» 11 stars Benefits 10%
Constellation «of Centauri» 20 stars Benefits 15%
Constellation «of Aquarius» 35 stars Benefits 20%
Constellation «of Hercules» 46 stars Benefits 25%
Constellation «of Andromeda» 86 stars Benefits 30%
Constellation «of Dragon» 150 stars Benefits 35%
Constellation «of Big Dipper» 250 stars Benefits 40%
Constellation «of Delphine» 400 stars Benefits 50%
Constellation «of The Lion» 750 stars Benefits 60%
Constellation «of Twins» 1500 stars Benefits 65%
Constellation «of Golden Fish» 3000 stars Benefits 70%
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